World's Largest Dungeon

The story begins...

In taverns and inns throughout the Domain of Greyhawk, job postings requesting able-bodied adventurers for a dungeon delve began to appear. Worded in such a way as to attract young, inexperienced, or would-be adventurers, the posting requested that those interested meet in the public square of a small town called Almea, just south of the City of Greyhawk. On the date specified, nearly 50 adventurers gathered and waited. Most, having gathered early, spent their time sharing tales of their exploits (mostly exaggerated or entirely falsified). One, a Human Rogue named Morchant Aphadon, decided to look for an easy mark in the crowd. Spying an enormous human cleric in brand new plate armor, he approached the man and tried to strike up a conversation. However, his sanity seemed to desert him for a moment, and his inane questions soon caused the cleric to move away. At this point, a group of guards escorting a middle age woman in merchant’s garb approached the square.
Sensing that this was what they were waiting for, the adventurers quickly gathered around the small group, forcing the guard to push them back. The woman began addressing the crowd, greeting them, and offering a few details on their task. Before she had said more than a few words, Poh Hasta, a Maenad Monk who had been idly digging in the dirt, picked up a small bone he had found and threw it at the woman. His aim was true, and the small bone struck her lightly on the forehead. She turned, suddenly silent, and glared at him as one of the guards pushed through the crowd and dragged him to the front. As the guard passed him, Morchant deftly cut his coin purse off of his belt without the guard noticing. Checking to make sure he wasn’t seen, Morchant noticed a hooded halfling staring straight at him. The halfling smiled and disappeared into the crowd. Now positioned within easy arms reach of the guard, Poh sat on the ground and the woman resumed. She explained that they would be working for Strackman Lux, the wealthiest merchant lord in Greyhawk. He had found a dungeon that he wished cleared, and thus if they proved themselves, they would be paid to do just that.
Asking that all who were interested follow her, the woman and her guards began to walk out of Almea and towards a large estate on its outskirts. As soon as she had begun to move, Harold Macentire, a voluptuous Mephling Sorceress, rushed to the front on her riding dog and positioned herself directly behind the guards. She then began rapidly asking questions of the woman, who brushed her off impatiently, telling her that more information would be provided shortly. Annoyed at the brusque dismissal, Harold sent her owl familiar ahead to scout out the route ahead, and remained just behind the woman and her guards. Upon entering the estate grounds, the group circled around the base of the hill upon which the main house sat, and stopped at a large open field upon which six wooden enclosures had been erected.


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